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The perception that being busy equates to being profitable is far too common. Without doubt, the sheer volume of evidence can drown out the logic of simple arithmetic in the mind of the unwary. 

Owners and managers, are very often convinced that a crowded yard, a busy reception and a choked up workshop, must be the disciples of profit. However, it is possible that the same volume of work, if analysed carefully, could so easily be the outriders of financial doom. 

Without the tools needed to tell the difference, what might first sound as “the thundering hooves of the cavalry, riding to the rescue,” could actually be the audible destructive effect that accompanies “financial meltdown”.


What can you do?

ARC Support Services Ltd has worked with a number of Bodyshops and businesses, whom, for one reason or another, have been required to be very strategic in their approach to achieving their business goals, ambitions or aspirations.   As with many businesses, the complexity of Bodyshop business is not always understood, and in many instances, is not supported by banks or finance houses.  ARC Support services Ltd, works with the business owners to achieve meaningful results, including:

  • Work Provision
  • Business expansion plans 
  • Changing the business model
  • Recovery from loss making situations
  • And much more

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The Cavalry does not cost a Kings Ransom

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Updated April 2019

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