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Health & Safety

Your staff are your most valuable asset.  You know that you need to look after them.   It makes the best business sense and it is a legal requirement that you protect their health and safety and that of others who could be affected by your work.  As an employer, you should appoint one or more competent persons to assist' with health and safety compliance. The Health and Safety Executive says that being 'competent' means having:

  • Relevant knowledge, skills and experience

  • Ability to apply these, but recognise the limits of your competence

  • Necessary training to acquire and maintain your competence

At ARC Support Services, we work with strategic business partners to provide the technical and professional support that is required by law and best practice, to ensure that you and your staff remain compliant with the requirements of the Health & Safety at work Act allowing you to carry out your business in a safe and secure environment. 

Health and Safety is not an Intellectual Exercise - Its a matter of Life and Death

Health & Safety News - Up to date and as it happens

Health & Safety in Motor Vehicle Body Repair

KEY Sources of Isocyanate exposure in Motor Vehicle Body Repair

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Paint Mist Generation and Clearance

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Types of RPE to be used in Motor Vehicle Body Spray Painting

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Measuring of Isocyanate Exposure in Motor Vehicle Body Repair Shops

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Health Surveillance in Motor Vehicle Repair  

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Contact ME Please .Breathable Air Quality Testing to EN BS12021

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Valuing your staff and providing them the safest of working environments is a high priority for those repairers who recognise  that  the  health  and  well-being of  your team, and the safety of their working environment is Directly proportional to the financial health, well-being and sustainability of your business

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Update April 2019

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